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How to check if your birth chart is positive or negative in Vedic Astrology?

This article assumes you already have a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology such as the 12 houses and their Lords in a birth chart or horoscope.

There are certain placements of planets in the birth chart which can make it a negative or a positive one. See examples below.

1) A planet sitting in its own sign (very good)

2) A planet sitting in the house or sign which is exactly next to the sign or house it rules (very good)

3) A planet aspecting his own house (very good)

4) A planet sitting in a sign where it is exalted (very good)

5) A planet sitting in its enemy sign (very bad)

6) A planet sitting in dusthana houses > 6, 8 and 12 (could be bad but not always but mostly bad).

7) A planet sitting in the sign or house which is exactly behind the house or sign it rules (very bad).

But there are exceptions too in the above-mentioned rules.

A planet sitting in its own sign or house protects that house

For example, Mars rules two signs Aries and Scorpio and so if Mars is placed in any of these two signs then it will give good results related to the house where it is placed in your birth chart during its period.

But there may be exceptions too but still, you are protected. For example, if you are an Aries Ascendant and Virgo sign falls on the 6th house and let us suppose mercury (original ruler of the Virgo sign) is placed in the 6th house. So here the mercury is sitting in its own sign Virgo but still, 6th house is a dusthana house.

Any bad aspect to mercury in the 6th house from malefic planets like Rahu and Saturn could give bad results but you will overcome that bad effect because of the 6th lord sitting in its own sign or house and so protecting that house.

Also, suppose you are a policeman by profession then naturally obstacles will come in your life as the job of a policeman is rather difficult and challenging but if the lord of 6th house (house of obstacles) is sitting in that house then the policeman will be protected though he is bound to face hardships because of the nature of the job. The policeman may even be happy to be a policeman. So that is how it works.

Even if the planet is sitting in its own sign in a house other than dusthana houses, it may give negative results (if there are aspects to that planet from malefic planets in the birth chart or transits) but still, you will overcome all those negative effects and also content with that.

To understand better suppose your moon is sitting in its own sign cancer in the 12th house. This kind of moon could cut-off you from the social life (as 12th house is of isolation and so your mind (moon) is in isolation) but you are happy to be cut off from the social life. So a planet sitting in its own sign makes you content (satisfy) about the things of that house.

Also, suppose the 7th lord is sitting in the 7th house. Since 7th house is the house of relationships with your spouse, 7th lord in 7th house will protect the marriage for the lifetime though you may have arguments and fights with your spouse occasionally due to bad transits over the 7th house or may be due to the bad aspects in the birth chart itself from malefic planets like Rahu, Mars and Saturn.

Similarly, if the 10th lord is placed in the 10th house then your job or post will be protected for a lifetime if there are no negative aspects.

Even if there are negative aspects in the birth chart or if it comes from the transits you may be asked to leave your post but then you will also get a new post somewhere else or in the same company. So your post or job or business brand is still protected.

Otherwise, if your 10th lord, for example, is placed in the 6th house of obstacles then you get a lot of problems in your life related to the profession.

For example, if Venus is placed in the sign of Libra in the 8th house then it is in its own sign. It means you may have hidden relationships or hidden contracts (for example, in business) but then you will be content with it. Hidden contracts mean under the table dealings (bribe) which in a way may not be good but still, you are content with it.

Also, sometimes a planet is not considered debilitated in a sign if the lord of that sign is also sitting with it.

For example, mercury is considered debilitated in the sign of Pisces, according to the Vedic Astrology, but if Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) is also placed along with mercury then mercury cannot be considered as debilitated as Jupiter protects it as mercury is sitting in the house of Jupiter.

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