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How dishonesty can spoil your Nabhi Chakra and take away your wealth?

Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yoga
Nabhi Chakra is the most important chakra when it comes to wealth and when it somehow gets spoiled the person is deprived of wealth in his life. The main reason for the Nabhi Chakra to get spoiled is dishonesty. Some people are always in the habit of taking a loan and they never pay back or just forget to pay back or they never pay back the full amount. This is dishonesty and this certainly and certainly spoils your Nabhi Chakra. You should not even keep a debt of Rs.1 ($0.01) on your head as this will cause you loss 100 times more in your next life. If you are facing a lot of losses in this life then it could be the result of your past life deeds when you didn't pay your dues.

You may think that no one knows when you are stealing or cheating people with money but this is not the case because there is a subtle system in our body containing the seven chakras and these chakras are governed by particular Deities such as the Nabhi chakra is governed by Vishnu and Laxmi. These Deities know what you are doing and how honest you have been in this life or the past life and so you cannot escape them and deceive them. Your bad deeds will come to haunt you one day if you have cheated or deceived people with money. Then when you will not get money in life you will complain God that why he is not giving you money but God never does anything and you reap what you sow.

I am telling you > honesty is the best policy if you want to make tonnes of money in your life. You may feel like you have been honest throughout your life but still, it didn't make you rich. This could only happen when your pending karmas are still not over but by practicing honesty you are getting rid of you pending karmas or bad deeds of previous lives. But people lose faith and then again they take to dishonesty thinking that honesty doesn't work.

The thing is you need to surrender which means you should make your mind like this > whether I get the money or not in my life but I will always be honest in money matters. Then stick to this policy even if you have to die and this is called the real surrendering. If you have been honest for the past 20 years and still you didn't make any money but what if you suddenly make 1 million dollars in the next one year? That must be equivalent to what you might have accumulated in the past 20 years?. This is what the power of surrendering and faith in God can give you. Once God is convinced that now you have become honest in your thoughts and character and if your pending karmas are over then it could happen that suddenly tonnes of money could start flowing in your life and then you will realize how your honesty has rewarded you. Just be honest and this is the real secret of becoming a millionaire one day.

But many people don't even believe in God and even if they believe they consider God as rude. If you have taken someone's money and never paid back (or deceived) then you have been rude with them isn't it? You don't like when someone is rude to you but you yourself take all the freedom to deceive others? So use common sense and you will realize all that you are getting is nothing but only your pending karmas. This is the law of nature > as you sow so, shall you reap > and it will never change as this law is inbuilt in the universe.

All the cheating and fraud you will do with other people related to money and even related to morality is going to spoil your Nabhi chakra for sure as the Deities residing on these chakras get angry and so they leave their existence in these chakras and then you get possessed by dead spirits in these empty chakras. Once you get possessed your Nabhi chakra is completely spoiled and then you need to struggle a lot in your life for money as the incoming of wealth is governed by the Deities Vishnu and Laxmi residing in this Nabhi chakra.

Also, there are false gurus whom you pay money and that also spoils your Nabhi Chakra as these false Gurus don't deserve the money as they are spoiling the society through tantra and other such occult practices. Whenever your money will go to falsehood it is always going to spoil your Nabhi Chakra and so think twice and see whether your money is going to the right people or not even if you are donating your money to someone. Miserliness is another thing that can spoil your Nabhi chakra and so avoid it and donate some money but only to needy people.

It may also happen that you have gone bankrupt and now you may think the only option left is to steal. I would say at that moment also you should not think negative and don't think of stealing and just surrender to God and say yourself this > I am not going to steal even if I die of hunger and then wait for God's grace till you last breathe and this would be the real surrendering and this type of surrendering only can impress the heavenly God and then how he would bless you that you can't even imagine. God or the Universe just wait for your complete surrendering and once you do that he takes care of you and this is a great secret I am telling you.

If Nabhi chakra is catching then one becomes selfish and never gives to others (miserliness is prevalent). But people don't know that their Nabhi chakra is catching and so they are never able to get out of miserliness and they think they are alright because every person thinks the way they are inbuilt and consider that as the default nature which is actually not true because the default nature differ in different people depending on the level of cosmic energy in them. Read more here > Why you are not as capable as other people and this link will tell you about cosmic energy and how the level of cosmic energy is not the same in different people. One can even cure the Nabhi chakra through this cosmic energy or so-called kundalini energy and make a lot of wealth in life.

Also, you can easily know when the wealth will start flowing in your life through Vedic Astrology as it is possible to predict the future through Vedic Astrology. You need to approach a good astrologer for that and he will be able to predict your future wealth by reading your horoscope or so-called birth chart. I myself an astrologer and you can contact me if you need my horoscope reading services. I regularly track my own horoscope and so exactly knows about all the planetary combinations that give wealth in life and so can surely help with it.

Plz note: I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India and if you need horoscope reading services or want to learn the real secrets of Vedic Astrology then plz contact me through this site.

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