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Why some people don't get married? (Astrological reason)

Vedic Astrology default Birth Chart
People often look at the birth chart (Rashi chart D-1) and the Navamsa chart in order to know when they will get married or what is the cause of delay in their marriage. But the thing is these charts won't tell you whether your marriage is possible or not in this life. However, we can make use of these charts to see the transits in order to predict the timing of marriage.

But there is no use of looking at transits unless the marriage is confirmed in marriage chakra. Marriage chakra is one of the astrological tools and this is a different thing and cannot be seen in the birth chart. There is something called as planetary push where one planet pushes another planet in transit and when such push is forming at the time of birth (in a given marriage birth chart) then such pushes create different types of problems in life and not getting married is one of them.

For example, if you are running the Mahadasha of Mercury and in the marriage chakra if Venus is giving a push to Mahadasha lord, Mercury, then throughout that Mahadasha of Mercury you may not get married as Venus is the natural significator of marriage and it is receiving a planetary push. Even if the 7th house lord is giving a planetary push to the Mahdasha lord, Mercury, then also the native may not get married. Similarly, if the 5th house lord is giving a planetary push to the Mahadasha or Anterdasha lord then the native may not get children during that period as the 5th house represents the children but of course, there are other things too to look at other than the planetary push. 5th house is also education and so the education may also suffer if there is a planetary push to the Mahadasha lord from the 5th house lord.

Also, there are many other different types of problems people face in their life and all such problems can be tracked and known through planetary pushes. I saw the birth chart of a person from Dubai and he lost a lot of money during the Mahadasha of Mars in the past and I can see he was having a planetary push to his Mars from the 2nd house lord and the 2nd house lord as you know represents the wealth of the native. Also, I saw the birth chart of a girl who faced divorce in her life and her 7th lord was under the influence of planetary push.

Actually this is very easy to know why you are facing a certain problem in life (and it could be any problem) through planetary pushes but to know about these pushes you need to go through some tutorials and you can contact me through this site in order to get these tutorials and I will also teach you some more astrological secrets that will help you to understand your own chart in a much better way.

This concept of planetary pushes works great and that is the reason I am offering you so that you can learn on your own and apply it to your chart. I will also give you free software and through that, you will be able to see the marriage chakra chart and also other types of chakra charts that really helps in giving accurate predictions.

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